Hello! My name is Matt Dziuban. I'm a software engineer experienced in Scala, Ruby on Rails, PHP (using the Yii framework), JavaScript, HTML5, and CSS. I'm currently working for BondLink in Boston.

I really enjoy writing performant and scalable code to not only speed up the websites I'm working on, but also to accelerate the development workflow for others. My focus on efficiency is second only to my goal of writing high quality code.

I love experimenting with new technologies and solving problems through code. I'm really excited about languages and frameworks like Elixir, Phoenix, and Serverless , but also love evolving my knowledge of technologies I have most experience with, like Scala and Ruby and Rails.

Check out my projects, take a look at my resume, visit my GitHub profile, and get in touch at mrdziuban@gmail.com or 703.973.6717.